Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Riveting Conversations

Conversations with History
is a remarkable website. Definitely recommended for
anyone with more than a passing interest in politics/economics/public policy.
The videos are available as well for most of the interviews.

For starters, I would recommend the following interviews -
(video links at the bottom of each page)

Shashi Tharoor

UN diplomat and one of the leading Indian writers.
Talks about his education, influences and work.
The video is a must-watch. Tharoor is probably the best speaker I've ever listened to. Wish I could talk like him.

Robert McNamara

Former President of Ford Motor Company
Former US Secretary of Defense
Former World Bank President

That's SOME resume!
Again, a very edifying interview. Provocative views on the Auto Industry. Honest Retrospection on the Vietnam War - of which he was one of the architects.

Christopher Hitchens

Controversial Journalist. Notorious for his irreverent views on holy cows like Mother Teresa.

Even if you are only remotely interested in these figures, it would still be worth watching as one can listen to some very fine conversationalists and hopefully get a few cues from them.

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