Thursday, March 24, 2005

Reflections on Inzy

Sat for the whole of the post-tea session at the Chinnaswamy stadium today.
What's the big deal,one might ask.For me,it is a big deal as it was only for
the SECOND time that I was watching an international match live at close quarters.
The first time being 12 years ago when I saw men from the ol' Blighty pulverise
the Indians in an ODI.

Inzy reaching the three figure mark on his 100th test!Not able to recollect who was the last person to achieve this feat.Will be reminded by the papers though,on the morrow.Inzamam has to be among the most underrated cricketers of our times.His innings of 60 in the World Cup semifinal in 1992 at Auckland which assured him a place in the big league made a huge impression on me as an 8 year old,an age when most of us start developing an appreciation for the nuances of the game. He has lived up to that early promise unlike a number of his other gifted compatriots.

There are hardly any obvious technical defeciencies in his game,except perhaps for the tendency to play on the up, which one can discern in most batsmen bred on subcontinental tracks.What marks him out is the composure and confidence he exudes at the wicket,unlike an unpredictable artist like Brian Lara.

If someone were to ask me to choose three of the most complete batsmen of the
past 15 years, I would pick Sachin,Dravid and Inzy.Mind you,this is based on the completeness of technique and mastery of different types of attacks.That would explain the omission of Lara and Waugh,batsmen with a superior record than that of Inzy.


Saturday, March 12, 2005


Garry Kasparov - A conservative ideologue? Are you Kidding?

No,I'm not.Check out this WSJ article


Thursday, March 10, 2005

An Interesting observation

People tend to overestimate what can be done in one year and to underestimate what can be done in five or ten years

-Joseph Licklider


Sunday, March 06, 2005

50 Gmail Invites.Any takers?


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