Friday, January 20, 2006

Learnings on the Job

- Being Smart definitely helps.
This might sound cliched, but it's true.
No amount of sweat can compensate for lack of smarts.

- Being Smart has got little to do with your IQ.
It is a virtue that can be imbibed over a period of time.
How ? --- By observing smart people.

- 'Experience' is no big deal. It's just the name we give our mistakes.
Moreover Experience can be a harsh mistress. It makes you learn from
your mistakes the hard way by reaping the consequences. Lack of
Experience can most definitely be made up for by exercising the most
underrated human faculty, the possession of which separates men from
beasts - Foresight.

A person endowed with Foresight will be able to anticipate
problems and take corrective measures before the problems
manifest themselves. It happens so often that a solution
seems very favourable at the outset, but is disastrous in
the long term...Any Software engineer who has faced scalability
issues with his code would vouch for this.
Sceptics who are still not convinced about the primacy of Foresight
over Experience would do well to read this timeless classic essay by Frederic Bastiat
penned over 150 years ago.

So Guys, the next time you do a night-out in your office to
meet a deadline..Don't brag about your 'commitment' and
'professionalism'... It's just that you probably weren't smart
enough. If you were, the need for a 'night-out' would never
have arisen.

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