Friday, December 30, 2005

Letters to the Editor

The section of the Newspaper that I revile the most, perhaps even more than the supplements bearing obscene pictures of revolting models, is the 'Letters to the Editor' box.
Most of the Letters are terse two-liners which state the obvious
without a modicum of original thought. One wonders why the poster
took the trouble to draft it. Perhaps to boost his/her fragile ego
by seeing his name in print.

Here are some samples from the Hindu Newspaper -

Sir, — Dr. Singh's attitude towards the Opposition leaves much to be desired. He refused to accept even a memorandum from the Opposition leaders. An experienced and confident leader could have easily avoided such a controversy.

Ashutosh Purushottam,

Gaya, Bihar

Mr.Vajpayee has shown the right way to all politicians who hanker after power. His career was studded with several noteworthy achievements.

K. Vasu

It is a pity that the retired Delhi IIT professor MC Puri who came to Bangalore for a seminar has fallen victim to an unknown assasin's bullet. It is also sad that adequate security cover was not provided at IISc.

Anirudh Sudarsan

They suck. It's a shame that such Letters get to see the light of day in one of India's premier newspapers. Indicative of the abominable quality of public discourse in this country.


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