Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pin-up Poem

I get depressed very easily these days. Especially on Sunday afternoons in the immediate aftermath of a poor mock and faced with the prospect of work on the morrow.
These mocks can hurt your self-esteem MAJORLY, more so if you are of a sensitive-type like me.
Luckily enough, today I chanced upon a nice litte verse penned by the incomparable PG Wodehouse which should definitely lift one's spirits no matter the gravity of the situation.

Here it goes......

Put all your troubles in a great big box,
As big as any box can be:
Put all your troubles in a great big box,
And lock it with a great big key:
Crying never yet got anybody anywhere,
So just stick out you chin
Jam all your troubles in a great big box
And sit on the lid and grin.

Pin it up somewhere in your lair.

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