Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Food for thought

One of my profs in the college made an interesting remark today saying that frustration
is what results when there is a mismatch between a person's talent and his desires.
At the outset,his observation seems incontrovertible provided you don't bother to examine the premise more carefully. The premise ofcourse is that an individual's talents/capabilities remain invariant for most part of his adult life. Knowing his
potential, a prudent person would suitably tailor his desires so as to ensure that no frustration results. But What if the person is not aware of the true measure of his talent?If we tear down the assumption of talent being invariant,there is no way that a person can be expected to know when to stop pursuing an elusive dream because he could well be capable of realising it in distant future if not now.

So,what say,folks?Should we dare to think big inspite of all our limitations and run the risk of getting frustrated? Or should we adopt the more 'conservative' approach of being content with the talent that we have been endowed with and make no conscious effort to be good at things for which we have no intrinsic aptitude?

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