Thursday, November 04, 2004

Well,Bush ended up winning rather comfortably in the end. A margin of over 3 million votes!
That's huge considering the fact that he had lost the popular vote in 2000. I guess there were
three major issues associated with this election:
1. Homeland Security
2. Economic issues like jobless growth,outsourcing.
3. Social issues like same-sex marriage,gun ownership,affirmative action et al .
I'm surprised that the american commentators consider terrorism to be the single most important issue that helped Bush clinch the election. The 3 states in the US that
are most vulnerable to a terrorist attack are NewYork,Washington-DC and California.And the
Democrats have emerged as the victors in each of these 3 states. In fact, in the District of Columbia, Kerry won 90% of the popular vote.Surely,this could not have happened if security was that big a concern. I think the social issues were the ones that tilted the balance in favour of Bush. His brand of compassionate conservatism and his espousal of the Christian faith helped him strike a chord with the masses. This election ,more than anything else, reinforces the fact
that heartland America remains deeply conservative,God-fearing and socially regressive.

By the way, this is what Gaurav has to say about Bush's second term in office. His concluding sentence is scary to say the least.

Well well well! George Bush has been re-elected and insanity has been retained in the proceedings. For India it is good news, as the chumminess will further develop. Powell, who went hoarse taking credit for the India-Pak rapproachment, is likely to be replaced. Well it might be good news for India. But it is not good news for many other countries.If I were George Bush and I were re-elected, I would call for the world map first and the champagne second. Bet the dude is working on a list of countries to pre-emptively attack.And with no election remaining, there is nothing at stake. Methinks the America of 2005-2008 is going to make the Germany of 1937-1945 look like a soft state.


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