Thursday, July 01, 2004

Is Lucre the overriding concern of fresh up-and-coming engineers?One would be inclined to think so on reading this report.Though it might sound like a sweeping generalization,it is a fact that the
perception of a company among students is influenced by the compensation packages more than anything else.I could sense this during my college placements when a number of my friends gave Infosys/Satyam a miss-in-baulk,since the pay-package was not as enticing as that of some of the mnc's.
Some would argue that the tilt towards mnc's is primarily because of the nature of work and the fact that these firms are into higher end R&D activities that are beyond the reach of mere service providers like Infy/wipro.But are students
discerning enough to know which company will provide them with the most enriching work-experience?I doubt it very much considering the cloistered mode of living of most engineering students.A few students
are lucky by way of having someone in the family in the IT industry,who can help them form informed opinions about companies.For most other students,it is but natural to take decisions based on
compensation figures.But the larger issue here is: Should the monetary aspect be a consideration for your first job?

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