Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Hello everyone,
Another addition to the burgeoning blogger community. A year ago, I had the faintest idea as to what blogging is all about. It all began when I chanced upon
a directory of (iim)mba bloggers. Being a cat aspirant, it was but natural for me to get addicted to some of them (especially that of Venkat and Anirudh(iiml)). For the past few months, an irresistable desire to have my own blog has been growing within me. And I guess the creation of this blog is , in a sense , a consummation of that desire.
What is the purpose of this exercise? To articulate one's thoughts? To record salient experiences? To disseminate information? At this juncture, I have the vaguest notion about the shape my blog is going to assume in future.Please do keep frequenting to keep track of my progress.Au revoir!

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